Effective Advice On How To Write A School Application Essay

Your school application essay has such a critical effect upon your future – where you go to school, the program you get accepted in and the career you desire. It is worth it to spend a significant amount of thought, time and effort on this paper, even if it is only a page or two in length. Most application papers are limited to a certain number of words or pages, and they can be very brief. There are many students applying, and someone has to read all the essays and make a decision about admission. Don’t ever go over the limit for this reason!

Writing the application essay

What should your paper reflect? It should state how you have chosen your field of study, what your professional goals are, why this school is the ideal one for you, and what you have to offer to their program.

This is an important assignment but don’t let it scare you out of doing what needs to be done. Don’t wait until just before the deadline. Planning ahead and taking the time to write and rewrite your paper will be a great way of ending up with a polished and successful application essay. This paper is about you. You don’t need to go out and do a bunch of research. However, you do need to dig deep inside yourself and do a lot of inner thinking and contemplating. You already know most of what you want to say.

Read up about your prospective school

Find out what’s special about the courses they offer, the faculty and the facility. Read brochures, study their website, go to events or even arrange a meeting with a faculty member in your chosen program, or a student who is in the program. Make sure your reason for applying is a good one and doesn’t seem superficial. For example, it sounds much better to say that you have always wanted to learn more about this location and its people, rather than saying you’ve always wanted to live near the beach.

What details in your personal or family would have a connection to your field of study or this particular school you’re applying to? What makes you special? What is there about your life experiences, work history, education, family or values that has shaped and molded you into who you are and into making the decision to apply here?

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