A Helpful Guide To Writing A Descriptive Essay About Yourself

Do you have to compose another descriptive essay about yourself? If so, it makes sense to save your effort and develop a working plan first. Understanding of what you have to do helps you stay on track and remember all important nuances. The following guide will provide you with the step-by-step instruction on how to write your paper easily.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay About Yourself

You should take the following 10 steps to compose an outstanding descriptive essay about yourself:

  • Revise your assignment and ensure that you understand what a good descriptive paper should look like. After they read my essay to me out loud, the readers should have the feeling that they have met you in real life.

  • Get ready to work and plan enough time for brainstorming, writing, revising, and proofreading.

  • Select something significant about yourself. Do not try to select an unusual topic, consider something that you truly want to share with your readers.

  • Provide your audience with comprehensive background information or else the readers will feel confused. Remember that they probably know nothing about your life.

  • Create an outline. Include all the ideas that you have, arrange them in a logical manner, and add some details.

  • Write your first draft based on the outline. Keep in mind that you should rather show who you are instead of telling your story.

  • Revise your writing. Reorganize the paragraphs if needed, improve the sentence structure, and add more explanation.

  • Edit your essay. Check whether your paper flows, add transitions where necessary, and ensure that your language involves the five senses and conveys emotion.

  • Catch typos and errors. Proofread the text before submitting it. Print your work and read it aloud to catch all the mistakes faster.

  • Stay organized and submit your assignment on time. Remember to prepare a title page if required.

Where to Find Helpful Essay Writing Resources

If you have underdeveloped writing skills, it makes sense to use some helpful resources. There are plenty of both offline and online options. The former includes the resources of your school’s library and writing lab. You can also ask your professor for some assistance.

On the Web, you can find numerous essay writing guidelines and tips, how-to manuals, lists of sample topics, and good examples to follow. The best thing about online resources is that they are easy to find. However, you should check their quality carefully. It is recommended to read the comments left by other students and independent rankings of the websites first.

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