Handpicked List Of Great Essay Topics On Death Penalty

Writing an essay on the death penalty can be difficult enough as it is, made even more so if you aren’t able to come up with a unique and interesting topic that will intrigue your instructor. Here are some handpicked topics provided by some academic experts from which you can select or use to inspire ideas of your own:

  1. Should the death penalty and capital punishment remain an issued decided upon by individual states or is it time for the federal government to step in and create a universal law?

  2. There have been many cases where DNA technology has been used to overturn convictions of people sentenced to death. Should there be restitutions paid or punishments for prosecutors?

  3. Is the appeal system for inmates on death row fair in terms of whether the judges or governors review information presented? What changes need to be made to make them fair for all parties?

  4. Lethal injection has long been considered a less invasive way of executing inmates on death row. What other methods are still employed in the U.S. and what does it suggest about society?

  5. There have been many cases in which minority peoples and people of lower socio-economic populations have been victim to prejudiced trials and are now on death row. How can this be prevented?

  6. The death penalty is currently still legal in 32 U.S. states. How can a country deem itself progressive yet still employ such a controversial method of punishment?

  7. In developing sciences to test for DNA should all prisoners who are currently on death row receive a fast-track towards having their DNA tested in order to determine if they are innocent?

  8. How does lethal injection actually lead to death? Are the methods for this type of execution uniform across states or are different chemicals / drugs administered to cause different reactions in persons being executed?

  9. A recent botched execution in Oklahoma, USA drew a lot of criticism about whether or not it should be considered a cruel or unusual punishment. Where do you stand on the debate?

  10. There are currently 58 nations that still use capital punishment, while 198 countries have banned the death penalty altogether. The US, along with Japan and India is the only major democratic country where this is still used. Why is this the case?

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