How To Write An Essay: A Checklist For Dummies

Essay writing can be a problem for many students. The problem is that not all people have the same talent for writing in general, and for writing smartly, quickly, and interestingly in particular. That’s why, if you feel that the writing assignment is something complicated for you, try using guides and manuals that are able to lead you through the process of writing, saving your time.

These manuals are available in libraries and on the Internet. Some of them can be downloaded as full-size books; others can be used as a number of articles that are dedicated to certain parts of the task. Below, you will also find a short checklist that will help you write an essay without pain and make it a success.

The introduction:

  • Is the idea in the title of your project stated clearly enough?

  • Is the introduction interesting enough to make readers keep on reading?

  • Have you inserted a “hook”, something catchy and interesting that will make readers read more than the intro only?

Body paragraphs:

  • Do you have a precise outline that determines the order of the paragraphs and their contents?

  • Does each paragraph in the body have a precise idea that relates to the general topic of the work?

  • Does each new paragraph flow into the next one smoothly with the help of certain special phrases?


  • Do the conclusions look like the main idea of the project that is paraphrased, using other words?

  • Are the conclusions laconic and precise?

  • Are the conclusions impressive and interesting?

The essay in general:

  • Have you mentioned all the important facts, details, quotations, etc. that you have chosen for the text at the stage of preparation for writing?

  • Have you excluded all the repetitions and useless materials that are not important for the understanding of the idea?

  • Have you given your paper a specific style, so that it speaks in your own voice?

  • Is it necessary to replace certain phrase or words with simpler ones? Are all paragraphs within your project easy to understand even if your readers are not familiar to the topic?

  • Are all the quotations properly formatted in accordance to the chosen academic writing style?

  • Have you checked the grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. twice before submitting your paper?

  • Is the paper as interesting as its title suggests? Is the title itself interesting enough? Does it make sense to think about a more appropriate title that will convey the idea of the paper better?

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