Essential Advice On How To Create An Expository Essay

An expository essay is actually exactly what it says. It exposes a certain topic. The hardest part of an expository essay is deciding something interesting to write about. Most of the time your instructor will at least give you a subject, then they will ask you to choose a topic. Here is some essential advice on how to create an expository essay:

  • The first thing you need to do is decide on your topic. One way to do that is to brainstorm. Set your timer for 2 minutes and think of all the things you can think about on the subject in those two minutes. Either stop at 10 things or two minutes. Once you have narrowed your topics down to 10, you can narrow them further by eliminating the ones that may not have as much research available on them. Usually you can easily eliminate another 5 of them this way. Once you have 5 topics left, eliminate a few of them that may seem boring to others or possibly done too often. Once you have it down to three, then you can choose the one that seems the most interesting to you. Usually you can do the best job on something that interests you.

  • Now that you have your topic, it is time to do the research on it. Make sure you use multiple sources to find your information so you have different viewpoints and can give an honest, objective account of the topic you are trying to expose. Be looking for the who, what, when, where, and why of the topic so you can thoroughly expose the topic.

  • The next thing you want to do with any essay is to create an outline. Here is where you will create your introduction, and also your thesis sentence. Then you will write down the three or four paragraphs that will be your body that will further discuss your topic sentence. The last part of your outline will be your conclusion. This outline is what you will use to act as your roadmap to create your rough draft of your essay.

  • Create your rough draft based on your outline and then ask someone else that you respect to read over the essay and possibly offer some advice on what you may want to add.

  • Create your final draft after you have edited it for any grammar and spelling mistakes.

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