Developing A Rhetorical Essay Thesis – Free Tips And Examples

A rhetorical essay is a type of writing that requires analysis of articles, books, TV shows, movies, or other mass media that communicate certain ideas to a particular audience. If you need to write such an assignment, you should select what you are going to write about, learn more about the analyzed work and its author (-s), and critically evaluate whether or not the main argument is persuasive.

The main part of your paper is a thesis statement. You should provide it in your introduction in order to focus your writing and make your intentions clear. Remember that you should not argue in a rhetorical essay. Instead, focus on how the author made his or her point, regardless of whether it is good or not. The following free tips and examples are designed to help you develop a strong thesis statement:

  1. Analyze the used rhetorical techniques.
  2. The author usually uses different techniques in order to achieve the purpose of his or her work. You can focus on a single technique. For example, you can analyze how using metaphors has helped the writer describe a setting of the novel. You can also highlight the most important characteristics of your study subject, such as usefulness, usability, timeliness, and so on.

  3. Narrow your thesis.
  4. Make sure that your thesis statement is narrow enough to be fully revealed in the scope of your assignment. Avoid too complex aspects and learn the basics about the subject before you start developing your thesis. For instance, make a point about how your favorite movie inspires teenagers to learn more about the world around, take care of family members, or help those who need it.

  5. Consider making an original argument.
  6. Sometimes, it is enough to announce the work as a rhetorical analysis. However, it is a good idea to make your intentions more direct by composing an original argument. After you complete your analysis, you may come up with a certain argument about a chosen work. If this is the case, do not hesitate to use it. You can start your thesis with something like “a close analysis of the work leads to.”

  7. Do not make value judgments.
  8. It is recommended that you use the concepts of effectiveness, rationale, or originality, rather than make judgments. In a rhetorical essay, you should provide logical reasoning to develop your thesis statement and support it with strong evidence. It makes sense to find sample rhetorical essay theses to learn how others managed to formulate their points of view, so visit your school writing center for great examples.

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