A Collection Of Extraordinary Topics For Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essay writing is one of the most interesting writings that students should know about. It is easy when done the right way. However, if a student is not keen enough, he or she might face some challenges that might hinder creativity and effectiveness in writing. Before you formulate given topic in persuasive essay writing, one has to do the following two key things:

Prepare by getting information

In writing a persuasive essay, you cannot develop good topics if you are devoid of the relevant information and ideas. You need to read multiple books and have the information recorded for the purposes of reference when you start the writing. If you are uncertain how this is done, you can try doing it with someone who has prior experience.

Know the ideal characteristics of a great topic

If you clearly understand what makes a good topic, everything will be very easy for you. You need to understand that a good topic need to be brief, precise, interesting and simple. Therefore, if yours does not meet these requirements, it might be hard for a teacher to accept it.

Below are some of the few selected persuasive essay topics that you can use to craft a top notch essay:

  1. Should it be a law that college students should start wearing uniforms?

  2. Should all students who participate in sports on behalf of their institutions be paid cash?

  3. Should animals be used in laboratories for experimental purposes?

  4. Should other countries adopt same sex marriage as a constitutional law?

  5. Should all high school students who pass highly be given free college education?

  6. Should high school teachers be prohibited from caning students?

  7. Should it be made a law for all students to take at least two foreign languages as part of their curriculum?

  8. Should parents take part in disciplining their children when they visit them in schools?

  9. Should the government legalize the use of cannabis sativa as a medicinal plant?

  10. Should all American students be allowed to complete at least one year of free social service?

  11. Should the minimum age for driving a vehicle be increased to 22 years?

  12. Should girls also be allowed to take part in family inheritance?

  13. Should all those who do not wear seat belts while travelling be charged in a court of law?

  14. Should students use soft copy notes for revision?

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