Cause And Effect Topics For Essays: 15 Interesting Ideas

Cause and effect essays are where you place potent causes and the effects they can affect. The balance has to be in proportion and the reader should end up learning something by the time he is through.

Here are 15 intriguing cause and effect essay topics for your perusal –

  1. The rising rate of deforestation – Deforestation is so adverse to the very principle of ecology that it has to be minimized, if not altogether rooted out of existence.

  2. The aggression of contact sports – Certain contact sports such as Rugby or freestyle wrestling make followers abnormally aggressive.

  3. The switch-over to grades in education – We feel that the switch-over is against the spirit of the really hard-working students who should be given their due.

  4. The rising landfill – The layers of garbage piling on a stretch of Pacific Ocean is a clear indication of where this is going to lead.

  5. Continual fixation of plastic – Plastic is loved by many, if not all in its different formats. This is a grave energy crisis situation.

  6. The ever-growing popularity of petrol – The boost that petrol gives to cars and other vehicles is reason enough why petrol is so popular. It is also a huge threat to the environment.

  7. The popularity of social media – This is directly proportional to the activity levels that students are showing in studies these days.

  8. The emergence of 3D printing – The major problem that this will create is unemployment as there are many people involved in the construction sector.

  9. The continuation of homework – This is making students lethargic and even frustrated.

  10. The continual cruelty on animals – Be it the arbitrary training circus animals or the whips that land on horses in races; the point is worth discussing.

  11. The sophistication of societies – It often leads to the complete erosion of ethics and principles; not a healthy sign for sure.

  12. The empowerment of women – This will lead to a world which will be intensely more productive.

  13. The popularity of less than deserving literary books – A new wave of pathetic writers have come to the fore who have managed to addle the potency of respective languages.

  14. Annulment of capital punishment – This may well galvanize hardliners in the criminal regime to continue with their acts. They are anyway heeled with the by-laws and know their way out.

  15. The extinction of lions and tigers – This is going to have a huge adverse impact on the global ecology. Steps have to be taken to engender them.

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