How To Create An Outline For A Persuasive Essay On Smoking

Smoking is a particularly contentious topic, and is one that is able to inspire a great deal of debate. Ultimately, smoking causes a great deal of harm within society and, therefore, there are many different points that you can argue about. Equally, many smokers feel that they pay a huge amount of tax on the cigarettes that they smoke and, therefore, they are entitled to do what they want.

Of course, in recent years, many countries have started to introduce a variety of different smoking bans. Some of the smoking bans will prevent people from smoking in public bars and restaurants, whilst others may include bans on smoking in other public areas. In fact, some bans even affect private property, such as smoking in people’s vehicles, although this will generally be the case only when children are present.

Before you can write an outline for your persuasive essay on smoking, you will first need to choose what topic to write about. Ultimately, the topic you choose will try to persuade the reader about a particular point of view that you have taken in relation to the topic of smoking.

What things to write about as part of your outline

As part of your outline, you should include details relating to the topic of smoking. Due to the fact that you are writing in a persuasive style, you may include some relevant details relating to the general topic that you will be writing about. For example, if you are trying to suggest that the minimum smoking age should be increased, then you might include one or two brief details relating to the dangers of young people smoking. Furthermore, you should include details of any point of view that you will be arguing for or against.

If you will be using any research methods, then you may wish to include some details relating to these, as well as potentially any timeframe that you will be working with when composing the work.

What you have to achieve with your outline

Ultimately, the main aim of writing your outline is to provide the reader with some idea of what to expect from your work. In fact, you will generally be writing it for your teacher, so that they can approve of what it is that you intend to do, or they could give you some further advice and instructions.

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