Fundamental Tips For Writing A 1000-Word Compare And Contrast Essay

A comparison essay is the type of assignment where you have to write relatively by comparing two sides in your assignment. It can vary in types depending upon what you are supposed to achieve with your paper, you can create a comparison by

  • Discussing the differences between two sides of the same subject
  • Discussing the similarities between two sides of the same subject
  • Comparing two different subjects for similarities
  • Comparing two different subjects for differences
  • Comparing both the similarities and differences or pros and cons

Once you decide the type of the paper, it is easier for you to move forward and gather your data. You can then put your data in relevant places and create an effective outline depending upon what you are trying to achieve with your paper. The best method to write a 1000 word comparison essay is to follow a gradual plan. This helps because you can divide lengthy task into parts and tackle each of them individually

Here is how you can write a winning comparison paper in gradual steps

  • Start by understanding the type and purpose of your assignment and the subject that you have to address. In most cases, the teacher would specify the subject and you can choose a specific niche on your own. This is a part of pre writing where you will develop familiarity with the paper, read expert written papers, check different sources, find varied opinions about the subject and decide your own stance. You may have to compare different subjects so you will need to gather strong data. Usually, if you are successful in gathering data for one side, you can automatically relate to it and create the other side of the paper. You will analyze the data after you have gathered it and create an effective outline
  • Once you have an outline, the rest of your task becomes easier. You can go ahead and use the points, bullets, list and data from the outline to create the first draft of your paper. This is important in deciding the overall shape and direction of your work. Make sure you follow the right structure and format for the paper as specified by your teacher
  • Edit and proofread your paper once you have created the first draft. This involves improving the overall presentation of your work

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