Picking An Excellent Argumentative Essay Topic On Technology

Nowadays, we live surrounded by technological devices and we are used to them. For instance, can you imagine your life without a mobile phone? Or without a television? We love gadgets. During the past few years, electronics devices have evolved quickly to adapt to our needs. Moreover, they have created new needs in our lives, such as having an electric plug near. If you are working on your upcoming argumentative essay on technology, continue reading this article.

Picking a suitable topic

First of all, you should choose a useful subject for your essay to be able to develop the content to its full extent. There are some factors to consider in this decision, such as your expertise in the topic and the information that you want to provide. Do you like smart-phones? If so, consider writing about how to use them, the latests designs, etc. Do you prefer using laptops over on-desk computers? In this case, you may choose a heading relates to this kind of devices and so on.

Here, you have a list of topics that could serve you as a sample for your own article:

  • Mobile Phones: having a computer in your pocket all day long.

  • The latest tendencies in laptop computers.

  • The Internet of Things: how to use smart-bands and other devices.

  • Top 10 most useful gadgets in 2015.

  • A review about the evolution of the Internet during the past few years.

  • Most important reasons to have an updated device at hand.

  • How much can a mobile phone provide to your daily routine.

  • What you should know about using the Internet: tips for rookies.

  • Do your parents use IM (instantaneous messaging) applications?

  • Basic skills that any user of the Net should master any time.

Most relevant sections

As you may already know, you will need to create an introduction that summarizes the content of your essay on technology. Try to use catchy phrases that draw the attention of the audience in this section. Next, work on the body of your essay, where you should present the facts and the supporting evidence. Last, you will provide a conclusion that summarizes the main ideas on the text. The goal of this part is also to arrive to a strong idea that arises from the previous statements, the evidence and your personal insight on the topic.

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