Crafting a Top-Notch Essay on Social Media and Society

When writing an essay on social media and society, you need to use the right language. Even a great point will be underestimated if it isn’t properly articulated. You should develop your language skills to build your argument and write persuasively. In case you’re stuck, don’t hesitate to seek help. To start out, follow the guidelines below.

Composing a Strong Essay on Society and Social Media

  1. Decide where to work on your paper.
  2. Some students like writing at night, some of them prefer working at a library, others become productive writers in coffee shops. You should select something that works out for you.

  3. Plan the entire process.
  4. You can do it all in one and leave it to the last minute or complete a sequence of little bits on the essay now and then. The second strategy is often recommended if you want to prepare the assignment to impress your professor.

  5. Find reliable sources.
  6. Topics related to social media and society require a careful selection of sources. You should spend some time to check the reliability of primary sources and search for opinions of competent experts.

  7. Stick to the argument.
  8. One of the best strategies is to compose a thesis statement, come up with a few supporting ideas, write a conclusion, and then prepare your introduction. Either way, it’s important to revise your first draft to cut fat and add the necessary details.

  9. Search for help options.
  10. There are plenty of useful resources for students, including materials of your school’s writing center, tips designed by your professor, editing and proofreading services on the Web, and so on.

Using Helpful Phrases for a Brilliant Essay

  • Introduce an explanation for the purpose of your paper with “in order to.”
  • Express something in a different way, simplify with “in other words.”
  • Consider two arguments at a time using “coupled with.”
  • Present facts one after the other in a clear manner with “first, second, third.”
  • Add further evidence to your point using “that is to say,” “furthermore,” or “that is.”
  • Give examples saying “for instance” or “to give an illustration.”
  • Demonstrate contrast using “however,” “on the other hand,” or “yet.”
  • Help your reader understand your idea better with “to put it another way.”
  • Finalize your argument with “to this end” or “to that end.”
  • Summarize your findings with “above all,” “all things considered,” or “in conclusion.”
  • So, essay writing may be a tricky work, but if you follow the five directions above, you’ll write a strong paper. Remember to use the words and phrases to make your text flow and help your readers grasp your point.

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