List Of Top 22 Unique Research Essay Topics For High School Students

Here are the top interesting prompts you can consider for writing a winning research paper in high school. Remember that these ideas are accessible to many different students so you should alter and rephrase them if you want to use them as the title of your paper. You can even use these suggestions to trigger fresh ideas that you can choose and build a unique topic for your assignment

Topics worth considering for writing a research paper in high school

  1. How has internet changed the way we interact, commute, work, buy, educate or do anything as a matter of fact

  2. The role of women in contributing towards the economy after the world war

  3. The impact of civil war on the North America and South America, how was it different and what amendments did it make

  4. Is war ever safe or necessary?

  5. The world today has enough resources to feed the entire population with equal and just distribution of resources

  6. What is the concept of private property and how does it relate to capitalism

  7. How did feudalism end and can we expect the same to happen with capitalism or is capitalism never going to end

  8. How does our reading impact our lives or personalities? Do or inspirations define who we yearn to be in the long run

  9. The relationship between science and religion. Are the connected or separated from each other

  10. Is spirituality a part of a religion or a religion in itself? How does someone have a belief in spiritualism

  11. What does it take to build a manufacturing business in the clothing industry with high barriers of entry

  12. What is perfect competition and is there any example of it that we can relate to in the world today

  13. Why do oil cartels have a monopoly if every country is bestowed with its own resources

  14. Is knowing a blessing or a curse

  15. The impact of oily foods and our current eating trends on diseases related to heart like pulmonary embolism

  16. The concept of junk foods and the war we are fighting with ourselves

  17. Should health and education be privatized or not

  18. The impact of social media on class performance and grades

  19. Do games teach violence and intolerance

  20. Legalizing marijuana

  21. Refugees and war crimes

  22. Terrorism
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