How Do I Write An Essay About Why My Teacher Is My Hero?

The question of course you need to ask from the very beginning is, is this a true essay or are you speaking about an imaginative teacher. If the latter, then it is a much easier task. If the teacher you are describing is the one who set this assignment, then you will need to take advice. Advice will obviously come from your teacher.

What are the requirements of the essay? While it is true you will have considerable knowledge about your teacher seeing them on an almost daily basis, in order to flesh out your essay, it will be necessary for you to interview or do some research on your teacher. Of course you can talk about their teaching technique and the many ways in which they have helped and inspired you in your studies, but if there is to be some substance to the essay, you may need to know more of the background and teaching experience of your teacher.

All of that won't apply if you are writing about an imaginative teacher or about a teacher you regard as your hero but it who is no longer at your school.

What do we mean by hero?

A usual and simple definition of the word means someone who has done a heroic deed which is welcomed by the whole community. But that is not the only definition of hero. It can be somebody who has been successful in a particular field of endeavour. It can be an ordinary person who has helped people in small ways on a regular basis. Before you actually write your essay you need to be certain of your definition of the word hero.

Apart from the above, all the general basic rules of essay writing will apply. The structure of introduction, fact paragraphs and a conclusion will be the basis of your essay. Because the title is explicit, it is important that you obtain enough points to support your claim. If the teacher being described is your current teacher, then it's important that a number of points are used to explain why your teacher is your hero. It is easy in a situation like this to be subjective. A better essay is likely to be produced if you are objective and write your essay as if you are a person on the outside observing the situation.

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