5 Basic Elements Of An Effective Descriptive Essay Outline

As a student you always expect to be given a descriptive essay to write at some point. But without the proper knowledge of how to go about it, you can have a hard time trying to figure out what to really do on the essay. In general, descriptive essay mainly focuses on the description theme where the student gives detailed description of an item. There are 5 basic elements of an effective descriptive essay outline and they include;

  1. Make your descriptive essay as detailed as possible
  2. In order to make your essay effective you have to ensure that you give enough detail as possible. The essence of this paper is to paint the real picture for the reader. Assuming that your reader has no any prior information to what you are describing, he or she should feel that they have seen the item just by reading your description.

  3. If possible use all your 5 body senses as your basis of description
  4. If you want to make you description effective you have to ensure that you give details of the item regarding the five senses that include; touch, smell, sight, taste and sound. This way you can capture all that the item projects to you as a person. Try and make it feel as if the reader is viewing the object from wherever he or she is.

  5. Choose a clear yet detailed topic
  6. Choosing a topic that has no much detail in description wouldn’t help make your essay as effective as possible. You need to brain storm as hard as possible to come up with a topic that will help you in your description. Make sure that you are highly knowledgeable about the object to be described.

  7. Clear and precise thesis statement
  8. Your thesis statement will basically tell a reader what your essay is all about. Remember that your statement will act as a guideline as you write your descriptive essay. Make it as short as possible probably a sentence or two, ensure that it is clear and precise to the reader.

  9. Don’t be afraid to ditch a topic that doesn’t allow you to give enough details
  10. Students always seem to struggle to stick to a topic that doesn’t help them complete their essay effectively. It is advisable to be flexible enough to ditch a topic that doesn’t work to your benefit.

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