Picking A Winning College Essay Topic: Useful Criteria

It might seem an easy task to pick an appropriate college essay topic. On the contrary, this is one of the most difficult tasks to the students as most of them lack the elementary skills and techniques. Nonetheless, the following criteria can aid you to accomplish this task more effectively.

Do not be negative

A good topic is one that has a positive tone. Whether you have encountered challenges or not, do not craft about them. They can potentially rise to an emotional paper which is unwelcoming.

Conduct a research

Read and comprehend the instructions given by your lecturer. For instance, underline specific parts which you think are key marking points. Perform research on a particular topic by visiting the library of pertinent textbooks or reading content from a website.


To avoid losing what you have studied, it is important that you jot it down on a paper. State these ideas in a lucid and acquit order. These are essential in narrowing down your topic titles to only those that are most relevant.

Read the content of your paper

At some point, you may decide to craft the entire essay before giving it an appropriate heading. As you read through, identify some of the prompts that your content responds to and note them down. After this, revisit them and according to their specific eight, narrow down to those that are most significant. You can then rephrase them into a topic.

Crafting a topic from the thesis

If you have already composed a thesis statement, you can employ the same in formulating an attention-grabbing topic for your text. Nevertheless, the thesis should be specific and relevant to the requirements of the question.

Consider an enchanting tone

Some reader can decide to award you marks just by stealing a glance on the title of the paper. This is where creativity plays the biggest role. If you employ words that are captivating and attracting, you are more liable to scoring the top grade. Avert from employing double or multiple meaning words and those that are too complicated to depict the correct meaning. Such words can waste the marker’s time in trying to apprehend and are therefore, not appropriate.

Do not be repetitive

As much as you want to make your title as unparalleled as possible, repetition is one thing you should completely keep your mind away from. That is, do not use a similar word more than once. However, in some rare cases, you might be forced to employ appropriate synonyms.

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