Ideas For A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On George Orwell's Shooting An Elephant

George Orwell is noted for his literature that delves into the way in which societies work. For example, in 1984, he looked at the way in which the state has a great influence over citizens, and how it pries into people’s lives. Likewise, in Animal Farm, Orwell examines the way in which political systems work, replacing human characters with those of animals.

In fact, his use of animals can be relatively symbolic and, in Shooting An Elephant, he describes the way in which a narrator has to try and of a young elephant, and this is seen as being a metaphor for the way in which British imperialism has affected various countries, as well as the populations of those countries.

When it comes to writing a rhetorical analysis essay about 'Shooting…', there are many different approaches that you may wish to take. Ultimately, you should try and identify some aspect of the work, or the way in which it has been written, in order to analyze things. You can analyze things in isolation, or you can use a variety of comparisons to learn more about the topic that you are discussing, thus giving you a reasonable amount of freedom.

Of course, in order to think of a topic in the first place, you need to think of some good ideas to write about. To help you with this, the following outlines a range of possible topics that you could use.

  • George Orwell uses this work to further outline his displeasure at British colonialism

  • Shooting An Elephant successfully manages to convince the reader about the negative sides to ruling classes

  • It provides one of the best metaphors about the dangers of Imperialism

  • Freedom and constraints are a key theme

  • The work heavily inspired by the works of Richard Kipling

  • The way in which the story is narrated helps to guide the listener’s feelings

  • Based on analysis of George Orwell’s 'Shooting...', the work would appear to be fictional, but with some basis in reality

  • George Orwell’s own life experiences can be identified in the work

  • The role of the narrator’s conscience is one of the key themes in George Orwell’s work

  • The use of the term beasts in the book is very emotive and helps to paint a picture in the mind of the reader

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