Personal Narrative Essay Topics: Expert Suggestions

This type of essay is based on the personal experience of the writer. He uses a lot of strategies to come up with an article that touches and awakens the senses of his readers. It is carefully crafted using his creativity and imagination in painting scenarios or events beyond the reach of his audience. Many things could be learned from reading a personal narrative essay, and one of that is discovering the miracles of empathy and sympathy in our daily lives.

The following are suggestions from the experts on the field:

  • I knew that my existence is a lie
  • A hands-on father by my side
  • My mother is a “monster.”
  • The undying pain
  • An introvert boy
  • Why am I an extrovert?
  • My family of intellectuals
  • A star is born
  • My first broken heart
  • Caught in the fangs of love
  • Overcoming my fear of heights
  • Learning to play basketball
  • The accident that changed my life
  • Coping up with a congenital heart disease
  • Living in the shadow of the past
  • My nemesis in school
  • Living life in a wheelchair
  • A frustrated writer
  • My father killed my mother
  • A day at the hospital
  • My extraordinary dog
  • Fishing taught me patience
  • The special girl in my life
  • I am an epileptic
  • What I want for my family
  • A sister who knew me well
  • A brother in shining armor
  • Cycling taught me a lot of lessons in life
  • I knew I was right
  • What is wrong with me?
  • Searching for love and acceptance
  • Serving people at a diner
  • The gasoline boy
  • I witnessed a robbery
  • My high school football coach
  • A visit my grandmother
  • My life in the suburban
  • The woman in me
  • My unforgettable summer
  • In the presence of my enemies
  • A life worth living
  • My life at the edge
  • The ghost in The Boathouse
  • My Stern and Strict Science Teacher
  • A warm day at the beach
  • The cat I could not forget
  • Butterflies in my stomach
  • I thought it was over
  • The woman in my dreams
  • Wishing I were on the moon
  • My high school life
  • Keeping my patience
  • A brand new day
  • Serving my community
  • It pays to be friendly
  • Testing my limitations
  • Reminiscing the past
  • The day I became a father
  • My beautiful and loving wife
  • My son who looks just like me
  • My most unforgettable experience
  • I am who I am

The following are just suggestions, but you could still make one for yourself. Enjoy the freedom of writing what's on your mind and discover what's ahead of you.

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