How To Use Dialogue In An Essay: Helpful Tips And Examples

Narrative essays have a greater impact on readers than the other types. There is that personal touch involved; a story cast of the writer’s own life. This also renders an authentic feeling, giving the readers a reason to believe it is all real.

Adding dialogues

You can take a further step to authenticate the premise; adding dialogues to your piece. However, you need to tread to caution on this note; casual errors can mess your arrangement. Here are a few indicators to this effect –

  1. When you utilize direct speech, always use quotation marks. Of course, you know all about direct and indirect speech. Direct speech is in present tense while indirect is sketched in the past.

  2. You should not insert meaningless dialogues; like ‘I am going to the washroom’. You need to stay close to the topical theme and nurture your dialogues to that end.

  3. You should use the debate format, where every successive statement is a value addition. You should endeavor to progress sequentially through the statements. You may utilize the shrewdness of examples and ideologues.

  4. You should make sure that the introduction and conclusion is free of the dialogues. In the main, it forms part of the body.

Here are a fewer examples to make the premise clearer –

The topic is on energy consciousness

Sammy – I feel we all need to contribute to energy consciousness in our own way. Rose – What can we do? We are powerless. We will have to depend on the Governmental actions on this.

Trevor – Of course the Government will do its job. We cannot however absolve ourselves of the responsibilities on that note.

Sammy – Please enlighten us with your poignant ideas Trevor.

Trevor – For instance, we can make sure that plugs are not switched on when the appliances are not in use. We should install smart meters and remain updated on the appliances that cost more energy. We should make use of Energy Star Appliances. We should utilize LED lights and utilize the concept of life conditioning with occupation sensors, smart smoke alarms and all that.

Rose – I remember I saw on TV how it is necessary to keep decent indoor air quality. We should also make use of garbage disposal units.

Trevor – If we make these small changes, we will go a long way in ensuring energy consciousness.

Rose – I think you have hit the nail right on the jugular vein.

Hope you get the idea.

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